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Designing  for Covid


When every student learning online at a caregivers schools, student supervision during the pandemic shifts to caregives. School leaders in Chicago working with Tegy recognized an opportunity. The could create schedules that included daily common preparaton time for all teachers at once and did not need to use Specials teachers as "prep teachers" ever again. 


The whole-school time corridors, as we call them at Tegy, provide a formal structures built into the school day to support at least three critical needs during the pandemic:

  • Improve online learning by transforming the opportunities for teachers to collaborate.

  • Support caregivers in their mission-critical new roles by leveraging the corridors for caregiver training, technology assistance and guidance.

  • Develop students executive functioning and SEL capacities by concentrating guidance and student services to provides coaching and assistance at key times in the day. 


In this unprecedented time, collaboration and time for continuous improvement are more important than ever.

School teams across Chicago are partnering with Tegy and The Chicago Public Education Fund to update assumptions about what's possible, even with the COVID reality. 

To learn more about our featured impact schedule strategy:
Click here for the Time Corridors PDF

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