"This is the training I should have received in grad school!  We created a schedule that supports our vision, mission, and goals."

                Brennen Humphrey

Instructional Support Leader, Network 6    Chicago

(former Asst. Principal)

Affordable & Effective Professional  Development 

Each course combines in-person & online learning experiences for school leadership teams. 

​Design Essentials 1 

Scheduling for Quick Wins & Continuous Improvement 

Our most popular school scheduling course. School leadership teams develop practical schedule solutions and strategies that yield better experiences for students and teachers.

Your team will unpack assumptions that drive scheduling decisions, take a fresh look at your students' needs and strengths, explore solutions that leverage your existing resources more successfully, learn about other schools' experiences, and create a schedule for your school while also exploring models for future implementation. 

  • School teams of up to 5

  • ​Two-day in-person convening

  • Pre-session team activities

  • Post-session virtual coaching

​Design Essentials 2

Designing for All Our Learners -- RTI/MTSS, SEL & ELL

Supporting a high-demand need. This course addresses the biggest challenge schools face -- preparing all learners for success.  School teams dive deeper into understanding how to create schedules that address challenges and create opportunities. In addition, they consider how to successfully scale and build on successes over time.

  • School teams of up to 5

  • ​Two-day in-person convening

  • Pre-session team activities

  • Post-session virtual coaching

Design Essentials Institute

In the Institute a cohort of school teams come together for three sessions over two academic years for Design Essentials 1 & 2. In the third session, teams finalize a multi-year plan for scaling.

  • School teams of up to 5

  • ​Three two-day in-person convenings

  • Pre-session team activities for each convening

  • Post-session virtual coaching after each convening

Policy in Practice
Accountability Matters 

Designed for school and district leaders interested in examining how their current policy decisions impact student experience and outcomes. We explore innovations in accountability from around the country. 

  • one-day session

  • any-sized team from schools, districts, and state-wide organizations

"I cannot overstate the value of being able to meet for two whole days as a team -- to have authentic conversations about how our schedule can support our school's vision and mission.  The guidance provided by the Tegy team was invaluable as we pushed ourselves to explore potential scenarios to pilot."

Gina McCormack, Principal
Fieldstone Middle School
Montvale, NJ