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Impact Schedule Design promotes a mindset, tool set and skill set which calls on school teams to review and question assumptions that drive scheduling decisions. You are implementing an unprecedented year. By building your team's Impact Scheduling tools and skills, you will better position your school to optimize resources and prepare for the shifting landscape throughout the year – and the future.



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Impact Design Essentials 
Scheduling for Quick Wins & Continuous Improvement 

School leadership teams develop practical schedule solutions and strategies that leverage resources for better experiences for students and teachers. The course is a combination of synchronous, video-conference sessions and self-directed, asynchronous individual and team work activities.


Your team will unpack assumptions that drive scheduling decisions, look deeply at your schedule from a students' and teachers' perspectives, explore solutions that leverage your existing resources more successfully, learn about other schools' experiences, and create a "now" schedule for your school while also exploring models for future implementation.