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Regional Scheduling Institute
New Jersey | 2019

First Convening: January 10 - 11

Second Convening: March 21 - 22

Third Convening: October 17 - 18

All sessions hosted at
Rutgers Graduate School of Education

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Fremont Street Fund's new education innovation initiative brings a Tegy Scheduling Institute to New Jersey.  In collaboration with local learning partner, the Rutger's Graduate School of Education, the Institute provides New Jersey school leadership teams the space and support to design better daily experiences for their students, teachers, and staff.   A cohort of school teams come together to examine and challenge assumptions, expand their thinking around resource allocation, and visualize new ways to organize their day -- supporting the vision and mission of their school while acknowledging the real world within which they are operating.  See why we think this work matters here.

Twelve school teams were selected for the Scheduling Institute. Teams participate in a combination of in-person and online activities over two semesters. Each team develops schedules, and implementation plans that align with district and school visions to better meet the needs of students and teachers.

While Fremont Street Fund covers a substantial portion of the tuition, schools cover the balance of tuition, as well as travel and any needed substitute teachers.


School teams that complete the program will have an opportunity to apply for more funding and resources to support innovative initiatives.

"The Tegy team understands the nuances of being an individual school working within a broader education system.  Tegy is not about cookie-cutter solutions. 


Their training programs and software enabled our school teams to examine assumptions, clarify vision, engage stakeholders, develop different scenarios, and make smart decisions. All of our schools are now pursuing powerful solutions to meet their students' needs and fulfill responsibilities to the broader system."

-- Dr. Bogdona Chkoumbova, Network Chief (superintendent), Former Principal.

Convening 1

The Foundation

Purpose-Driven Organizational Design

Foundation work to challenge assumptions that have driven past scheduling decisions, take a fresh look at your students, learn about other schools' experiences, and start schedule modeling for your school.

First Semester

Convening 2

Diverse Learners

Making your Schedule
Work for Everyone

Taking a deeper dive into strategies that serve the needs of ALL students, while providing flexibility to adjust to your ever-changing landscape. Creating a plan and change-managment strategy for a successful implementation.

Convening 3

Build Synergies

Building on Success:
Reflect, Refine, Scale

Reflect on and review implementation of new schedule. Plan for continued expansion and iterations for the future.

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