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Impact Design Essentials 101

a foundational course for elementary school leadership teams

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What's Included?

Self-Paced E-Learning Modules

for individuals and teams

Learn concepts & tools to start to build Impact Design into the practice of school scheduling and organizational culture.

  • Learn Impact Design tools you can immediately implement in your school community.

  • Understand how Impact Design creates more scheduling options for your instructional priorities.

  • Learn how Impact Design differs from Master Scheduling.

  • Unpack assumptions that drive scheduling decisions.

  • Look deeply at your schedule from students' and teachers' perspectives.

  • Do activities that build your team's Impact Design mindset and skill set.

  • Leave prepared to make improvements to your schedule.


Impact Design Tools & Resources
continually updated & expanded
Access to tools & resources from the module, and more.
  • Learn about other schools' experiences.

  • Tegy's Impact Design Tool & Resource Bank.

NEW! Tegy Community

you are a member of the Tegy learning community!

Think of a question in the middle of the night? Want to connect with colleagues from around the country? Join the Tegy Communities! Tegy is rolling out a community for the hundreds of school & district leaders, puzzle builders and educators who have participated in our trainings over the years.  Not only can you connect with other innovative colleagues, we will post interviews with experts in the field, host Community events, and spotlight great work by partner schools and districts.

Who attends?

School Teams

you and your team

Good leaders are supported by great teams. Most principals attend with their assistant principal, primary puzzle builder, and key teacher leaders (especially those focused on innovative program implementation), and a special education teacher. 


This introductory sequence will provide your school with quick wins and set the stage for expanded Impact Design learning and skill building in Impact Design Essentials 102 and more specialized modules. This sequence is a pre-requisite for all others.

Meet the Course Curators

Furman Brown

MS Special Education

Tegy Founder/CEO & Lead Designer

Karen Derrick-Davis

MS Social Work

Tegy Professional Learning Director

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Impact Design Essentials 101
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