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Quick Wins Scheduling Program

February - May 2020

In-Person Session:

February 10-11

Virtual Followup Coaching through May

Hosted by Odyssey School


Tegy's Quick Wins Program provides school leadership teams the space and support to challenge assumptions, expand thinking around resource allocation, and visualize new ways to organize the day -- supporting the vision and mission of their school, while acknowledging the real world within which they operate. The Program includes a two-day in-person session, three hours of virtual follow-up coaching, and a one-year subscription to TimeDesigner, Tegy's intuitive cloud-based schedule modeling software for continued iterating.

Who: elementary and K-8 school teams of up to 5

EMAIL for more information.

Tegy Foundations Course

Purpose-Driven Organizational Design

Foundation work to challenge assumptions that have driven past scheduling decisions, take a fresh look at your students, learn about other schools' experiences, and start schedule modeling for your school.

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