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A Sample of Tegy's Tools & Resources

Tegy TimeDesigner Software

Our intuitive and simple online platform helps school teams easily create multiple scenarios from various perspectives and plan ahead for future iterations.  Currently the software is available only to schools in our training programs. If you have an account, log in here.  


We anticipate subscription availability for schools in 2020.

Time Designer Scenario - Orozco_edited.p
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"This tool is so helpful and is just what I needed!  I searched for something like this, last year, but couldn't find anything that fit my needs."

Assistant Principal

Tegy Time Designer

Schedule Templates

We have worked with dozens of schools who have created innovative schedules to meet their vision and mission.  We continually build out our template library, which is available to all Tegy school teams.

Well-Rounded & Ready

Well-Rounded & Ready Framework

Our signature exercise for assessing your student community and considering the needs of ALL learners.

Design Thinking


At Tegy, we find the Design-Thinking process (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test) very helpful.  We build these elements into our work with schools.

Align Thinking


All schools are working within their own particular environment and parameters.  Therefore, we take the learning from the design-thinking one step further to "align-thinking."  We help you maximize your creativity and expansive thinking while being mindful of your real-world context.

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