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School scheduling, 

The Tegy Academy
Join a community like no other. Build your scheduling skills. Learn new ways to optimize your school's resources and do more with what you already have.

Traditional master scheduling creates inflexible structures that make responding to changes difficult. By engaging in Tegy's 
Impact Schedule Design, schools have created schedules that build on student and teacher strengths and can adapt to evolving contexts.
Is the Academy for you?
You know scheduling is hard. You know not everyone "gets it." You also love it and want to learn from other "puzzle geeks." Yup, we got you. Apply here.
What about my school team?
In the end, scheduling is a team sport. Without buy in and alignment on aspirations and strategies, the best schedule may never happen. Engaging your community is key. Impact Schedule Design training, tools and resources help your team move confidently toward a better normal. Subscribe to team tools here.

Build a Bridge to Better

There is no denying it has been a very tough couple of years.


This fall, schools are confronted with

  • student & staff trauma recovery

  • high rates of staff turnover, and

  • rebuilding school culture & community

-- it's a lot.

For most, it is not the best time for widespread change -- even if the community believes that returning to "normal" is not be the best path either.

Then, what can you do?

Build a bridge to BETTER.

Hone your scheduling expertise.

Your school must now do even more to optimize resources to provide the student and teacher experiences that will truly operationalize your vision & mission.

Your skills plus our training & tools can ....

It's time for Impact Schedule Design.

Impact Schedule Design

Strengths-Based Orientation

Root Cause Analysis


Curiosity & Drive

and more...



Review Norms,



and more...

Program & Impact Prioritized

Optimize over Standardize

Create "Best Possible" Scenarios

Data-Informed over Data-Driven

Concurrent & Distributed Minutes



No Such Thing as a Prep Teacher

Operationalize the Vision

Cycles & Seasons

and more....

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