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School Scheduling Transformed CPS Elementary Schools (K8) 

Your School Plan - Designed to Adapt

Impact Schedule Design promotes a mindset, tool set and skill set particularly applicable in these times -- which calls us to think freshly about how to create experiences for students and teachers, and requires school leadership teams to prepare for an unprecedented year. By building school team's Impact Scheduling tools and skills, leaders will better position their school teams to optimize resources and prepare for the shifting landscape throughout the year – and the future.


Tegy has adapted to the current reality by redesigning our signature Design Essentials course into a fully digital experience with expanded knowledge-sharing programming and a 4-week course with a COVID-specific program arc

Three Program Strands

1) Knowledge Sharing Tools & Resources - for all CPS Schools

Once the COVID Guidelines for this Fall are released, Tegy will provide all CPS elementary networks and schools with Impact Design resources geared to help schools develop plans that can pivot between various COVID scenarios.

  • topical webinars 

  • introductory Impact-scheduling workshops

  • blog & video posts

  • school spotlights & panels

  • curated resources, articles, and videos (national & global)


2) Leadership Synergy Groups - Open to all CPS Schools & Networks
  • School Leader Synergy Group - Fridays

  • Network Teams Synergy Group - Fridays, 10:00-11:00

3) Impact-Scheduling & Design Courses - Open to 100+ CPS Schools 

Training Courses Calendar 

Spaces reserved for schools from each CPS Network & Charter Schools 

  • July 27-August

  • September 28 – October 23

  • November 16 – December 18

  • January 18 – February 12

  • March 1 – March 26

Program Arc
Course Structure
Optimizing each person's time and responsibilities.

We have designed this training to optimize each participants' time. The 4-week training requires 4 - 6 hours per week of synchronous and asynchronous team and individual work time. 

Design Labs

School Design Teams Planning & Intentional Stakeholder Engagement


The heart and soul of our school innovation process.

School teams will identify instructional design strategies and engage stakeholders to inform their COVID-specific models for 2020/2021. School design teams will come together four four facilitated sessions, complete self-guided activities at their own pace, and access and respond to resource materials.


  • 90-minute weekly facilitated session

  • 2-4 hours prep work per week (articles, videos, exercises, reflections)

  • optional: 90-minute weekly Extended Teamwork Time

  • optional: 45-minute Targeted Team Coaching Session

Puzzle Builders PLC

This PLC will focus on the nuts and bolts of impact-schedule modeling and design.

  • 2-hour weekly facilitated session

  • 2-4 hours per week optional asynchronous activities and exercises

School Leader Synergy Group

Cross-School Sharing & Systems Alignment

  • optional weekly 45-minute video conference

To ensure systems accountability and alignment with CPS timelines, Tegy will host an interactive video conference for school leaders & driven by leaders to develop their capacities to lead through this unprecedented disruption. Leaders must be prepared to respond to evolving parameters for creating a school structure that supports the health of students, teachers and staff while providing quality instructional experiences. This year will likely be one where “the only constant is change.”

Network Team Participation

Leveraging Systems & Supporting All Schools

  • participation in the Design Lab & Puzzle Builder PLC

  • optional weekly 60-minute video conference

To optimize knowledge sharing and build the Impact Design mindset, skillset and tool set of network staff across the district, network staff are encouraged to participate in the Design Lab with school teams from their network. In addition, Tegy will facilitate an ongoing Network Synergy Group specifically for staff from all networks -- beginning in late July.

Puzzle Builders PLC
School Leader Synergy
Design Lab
Network Participation
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