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Regional Scheduling Institute
Colorado | 2018-2019

First Convening: Fall 2018

University of Colorado, Boulder

Second Convening: Spring 2019

Tesla Education Center, Colorado Springs

Third Convening: Fall 2019

Grand Junction

In November 2018, Fremont Street Fund launched a new education innovation initiative by bringing a Tegy Scheduling Institute to Colorado.  In collaboration with local learning partner, the Colorado Education Initiative, the Institute provides Colorado school leadership teams the space and support to design better daily experiences for their students, teachers, and staff.   A cohort of school teams is coming together over three consecutive semesters to examine and challenge assumptions, expand thinking around resource allocation, and visualize new ways to organize the day --  supporting the vision and mission of their school, while acknowledging the real world within which they operate.

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Fall 2018

The Foundation

Purpose-Driven Organizational Design

Foundation work to challenge assumptions that have driven past scheduling decisions, take a fresh look at your students, learn about other schools' experiences, and start schedule modeling for your school.

First Semester

Spring 2019

Diverse Learners

Making your Schedule
Work for Everyone

Taking a deeper dive into strategies that serve the needs of ALL students, while providing flexibility to adjust to your ever-changing landscape.  Creating a plan and change-management strategy that will lay the foundation for a successful implementation.

Fall 2019

Build Synergies

Building on Success:
Reflect, Refine, Scale

Reflect on and review implementation of new schedule. Plan for continued expansion and iterations for the future.

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