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Impact Design Essentials Program - COVID Edition

Chicago | K-8 Elementaries



Your School Plan - Designed to Adapt

Impact Schedule Design promotes a mindset, tool set and skill set particularly applicable in these times which call you to rethink your students' and teachers' experiences that will lead to the impact you desire. School leadership teams must prepare for and implement an unprecedented school year. By building your team's Impact Scheduling tools and skills, you will better position your school to optimize resources and prepare for the shifting landscape throughout the year – and the future.

A variety of resources will be available to all CPS networks and schools starting in August and continuing throughout the school year. In addition, approximately 100 schools from across the district will be selected through a network nomination process to participate in a 4-week Impact Design Essentials intensive during the school year. 



Knowledge Sharing & Impact Scheduling Resources

Schedule-Modeling Software

"Well-Rounded & Ready"

"Curiosity & Drive"

Blog  & Video Posts

School Spotlights

Resources from experiences around the nation.


Collaborative Creation & Partnerships

School Leaders

Synergy Group

Network Synergy Group


Introductions &
Deeper Dives

4-Week Intensive Course

Introductory Webinars

Topical Webinars



Catalyst Design Concepts

COVID-Responsive Strategies

Models that Support Pivoting

Coming Soon!

Knowledge Sharing &

Impact Scheduling Resources

Available to all CPS elementary networks and schools.

Knowledge Sharing & resources will grow and respond to the evolving context and landscape. Tegy will continue to populate our resource base with the collective creation, learning, and ideas developed and explored in trainings, Synergy Groups, and our broader partnership networks.

Resources will include:

  • webinars

  • blog posts

  • video posts

  • school spotlights, and

  • resources, articles, and videos from experiences around the nation​​.

Launching soon!

Knowledge Sharing
Course Structure

Impact Design Essentials

4-Week Course Description & Weekly Cadence

School teams will have the opportunity to participate in one of multiple Design Essentials cohorts throughout the school year. During the course, school teams will participate in a weekly, synchronous facilitated session. In addition, teams will complete self-directed, asynchronous prep work activities that will support the learning in the live sessions.  Syllabus & Program arc ->

Cohort Schedule

September 28 – October 23

November 16 – December 18

January 18 – February 12

March 1 – March 26

Program Structure

Design Lab (3 - 6 hrs weekly ) 

School team of up to 6. 


Puzzle Builder PLC (3 - 6 hrs weekly ) 

School scheduler.

Optional Support for School Teams:

  • Weekly Extended Teamwork Sessions

  • Weekly Office Hours/Targeted School Team Coaching​

School Leadership and Network Teams

School leadership participation is critical in the Design Lab and optional in the Puzzle Builder PLC. In addition, school leaders are invited to join a weekly School Leadership Synergy Group session with other cohort school leaders to share and learn from each other.


Network Teams are encouraged to attend the Design Lab sessions alongside their school teams. This experience will provide network staff with the foundational knowledge to support and enhance the work of all their schools.


Network staff are also invited to join the Network Synergy Group with other participating network staff to further the learning, collaborate with each other and the Tegy team on design strategies, and to address barriers and challenges they are facing.

Strategy Groups
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