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Because every school's mission matters.

Organization Design

Through School Scheduling

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Over 200 schools in five states have transformed how they approach schedule design utilizing Tegy Training & Tools.  

Your school can too. 


Whole-School Time Corridors

Smart Start | Strong Finish | Lunch-at-Once

In this unprecedented time, collaboration and time for continuous improvement are more important than ever.

School teams across Chicago partnered with Tegy and The Chicago Public Education Fund to update assumptions about what's possible, even with the COVID reality.


Public schools in Chicago found a way to schedule common planning time simultaneous for teachers school-wide everyday. It's a strategy schools everywhere could consider. 

In fact, this same schedule solution also provided structural opportunities to help schools better support families as they navigated their mission-critical and challenging new roles during the pandemic. 

Learn about Time Corridor strategies here.

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I never imagined we could accomplish so much more with the resources we already have.

​Schools come to us to achieve their priorities...

  1. Teacher Collaboration & Professional Learning 

  2. Enhance Special Education & IEP Services

  3. Personalize Learning & Core Instruction 

  4. Expand Enrichment Programs 

  5. Strengthen Student Engagement & SEL

  6. A Commitment to Fitness & Health 

  7. Smoother Operations & Logistics 

  8. Meeting Budget & Enrollment Challenges

  9. Engage Families & Community 

  10. Account for Compliance & Reporting Responsibilities

Five key reasons these

leaders choose Tegy,

the founders of Impact Scheduling... 

1. Every aspect of school is shaped by decisions about time.

"Ultimately our schedule should serve as the road map for our school's vision. Yet every year we felt hampered by our schedule.


The Tegy training and software helped us to approach 'time' as a tool we could optimize for learning. Our decisions about learning and teaching have become much more intentional and vision-driven."

-- Efrain Martinez, Principal​

2. Every school is both unique & part of a larger system.

"The Tegy team understands the nuances of being an individual school working within a broader education system. Tegy is not about cookie-cutter solutions. 


Their training programs and software enabled our school teams to examine assumptions, clarify vision, engage stakeholders, develop different scenarios, and make smart decisions. All of our schools are now pursuing powerful solutions to meet their students' needs and fulfill responsibilities to the broader system."

-- Dr. Bogdona Chkoumbova, Chief Schools Officer, Chicago Public Schools,

Former Network Chief, Former Principal

Because every nickel counts.
3. School leaders seek solutions tailored for the resources they have.

"We had to find ways to accomplish more for our school without costing more. Having faced so many deep budget cuts in the past few years, this was critical to us. 

Tegy's training and tools were invaluable. Our school added the equivalent of hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in new opportunities: enhanced small-group supports for our students and extensive common planning time for teachers."

-- Brennen Humphrey, District Support Specialist and Former Assistant Principal

4. School scheduling is mission critical & challenging work. 

"We believe that investing in schedule design is critical to transformational change--everything  a school does evolves around how teachers and students spend their day. 


We at Fremont Street are excited to support Tegy's work because we have seen the results: schedules that improve both the teacher and student experience, leading to better outcomes for all."  

-- Ben Kutylo, Co-Founder & President, Fremont Street Fund

And most importantly...
5. Students must adapt to a rapidly-changing world.

"Young people today must develop robust skill sets, varied expertise, and proven experience in a variety of settings for life's responsibilities and opportunities.

The Tegy team approaches this work in innovative yet remarkably practical and sustainable ways. They support schools to personalize the learning experiences to develop the skill sets that equip students for a world that is rapidly changing."


-- Sheree Speakman, Founder & CEO, Talent First, PBC 

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